Wednesday, June 18, 2014

day 217 : SUGAR BOOKS! {seriously, the coolest thing ever}

the raddest part of curating the boxes each month, is that i am able to find artists and small businesses who are doing incredible things!
this month, we partnered with leafcutter designs to bring sugar books into each box.
a couple years ago, they ran a kickstarter campaign that we supported and i have been a huge fan ever since! once i saw these sugar packets, i knew we had to feature them in the box!

the theme of the june box is 'full bellies,' so *how* perfect! 
what is a sugar book?
its a packet of sugar {without the sugar!} there are pages in between with a fun prompt and room to write your answer.
so, how does it work?
you take your sugar book to your favorite diner or cafe. open it up, answer the prompt and then leave for the next person! 
and if you find the book, you record your answer, take it with you & leave it another cafe!

a few sundays ago, blake and i went to our favorite place for breakfast and left our first sugar book!
{ps: leafcutter makes 4 different books. i ordered them all & all june subscribers received two. each brand of sugar offers a different prompt.}

the one thing i forgot to do {which i will do next time!} is to mark down WHICH cafe i left the packet. because, if the sugar books travel from cafe to cafe, it would be really awesome to see where they go!

i have some sugar books left over that i will be adding to the shop soon ; awesome, right? 
head here to check out leafcutter designs!

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  1. This was my favorite thing in the June box. Ours will be left in New Jersey and NYC. :)