Monday, June 9, 2014

day 212 : bike date & stopping to smell the flowers {well, trees..}

after one of the longest and coldest winters in minnesota history ; nobody needs to tell me twice to get outside and get on a bike!
a couple weekends ago, blake & i got on our bikes and spent the afternoon riding.
the weather was so beautiful and gosh, these trees were just unbelievable! the smell, the colors, all the petals on the ground..
usually when we ride for speed and distance, we don't spend a lot of time stopping, taking pictures and slowing down. 
i had my good camera with me & these trees were the perfect excuse to slow down and enjoy the scenery! 
one of my absolute favorite moments was each time a bike rode by, all of the petals on the ground flew up, so it looked like all the bikes had cute pink tails! ;) 

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