Thursday, June 12, 2014

day 215 : speaking at Healthy Living Summit

i know i have mentioned this before, but one of my all-time favorite things that has come from this blog // business // movement is all the of the incredible people i have had the pleasure of meeting!

its been so amazing to connect with people, share stories and realize ways to grow as a human! 

last fall, i had the awesome opportunity to host a kindness flash mob and speak about bike commuting at the Healthy Living Summit. last year, it was hosted in minneapolis & it was such a fun experience getting to explore this city with folks who had never been here.
this flash mob was my 100th act of kindness on the blog. if you haven't seen it yet, i encourage you to do so ; it was so, so fun! {here}

this september, the HLS will take place in madison, wisconsin. blake is coming along for the long weekend {he won't come to the summit, but hes pumped to ride bikes, drink beer and eat vegan cupcakes!}{honestly, its the same thing he does here at home ;)}
i am super excited to once again be speaking // leading a session. i am still working out all of the details {big ideas, man!} ; but i will be leading an interactive session on kindness.
what does that mean?
it means that we will be talking a bit about kindness, but for the most part, we will be creating something to make the planet better. i have some big ideas, but nothing i can share yet. it could be anything from packing backpacks for the food shelf or drawing cards for kids in the hospital. 
if you have any ideas, i would love to hear them!

if you are interested in joining us in madison this september, you can head here for all of the details!


  1. I love the drawing cards idea, especially in the down time after meals but before speakers start!

  2. I love the flash mob with the flowers, that is awesome! Such a wonderful idea.

    You'll be coming to Madison?! Awhoo hoo! This 'Sconnie approves! Madison is amazing & only two hours away from me. :)