Friday, June 6, 2014

day 209 : kindness carousel {week16}

its been over a month since i have done a round-up of rad things around the internet!
lets do it!
{kindness carousel is {usually} a weekly round-up of some of the happiest news on the web!}

1) i think the deadline for this has passed, but ohmygosh, you could be a panda nanny in china!
2) minnesota is the very first governing body IN THE WORLD to pass a 'beagle freedom act!' did you know that thousands of beagles {around 75,000 A YEAR} are used for lab testing? if you are purchasing items from any of these brands in the poster below ; they are testing on animals {mice, rabbits, rats, beagles, ect} hopefully this will be the first law of many, until eventually, animal testing will be banned!

3) a step-by-step tutorial of how to be a good deed do-er!
4) looking to donate to your local food shelf? here is a list of pantry staples to donate.
5) since launching the be nice box, i have been SUPER lucky to work with some amazing artists! janell donated soaps for the december box and made HUNDREDS of seed bombs for the may box. she has a great etsy shop ; my favorite item? this necklace!

6) know someone who is getting married or planning a wedding? here are 50 wedding acts of kindness
7) the cutest! this pup 'paws it forward' and paints pictures for charity!
8) have 10 minutes and want to do something awesome? send someone a letter! dajon runs a site called 'shine circle.' on it is a list of people who are fighting a battle {everything from illness to bullies} and a po box where you can send them a sweet note of encouragement!
9) yay!
10) where does your state rank? // the states where people are the most {and least} generous with their time & money. honestly, i am not at all surprised to see that minnesota is in the top 5. we seem pretty nice around here... {except for the guy who looked like santa who cut me off on my bike the other day. him? not so much!}

BONUS // i feel really lucky to have gotten some great press // reviews // write-ups by some super-awesome folks! you can check them all out: cautiously d // small biz spotlight from offtract // insert classy here // yes and yes web time wasters // subscription box mania

have an awesome link to share? let us know!

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