Tuesday, May 20, 2014

day 204 : a garage sale & SUPER-PURGING our lives

another easy one!
well, not totally.
the purging is easy.
the organizing, pricing & setting up is a kind of a pain in the rear.

in my post yesterday, i mentioned our neighborhood-wide garage sales were this past weekend.
we don't have a ton of lawn space {apartment living!} ; but a local woman who was having a sale, offered her space to us {thanks Jean!}

blake and i are known for our desire to live well below our means. a few times a year, we totally purge our lives. things we haven't worn lately, things we no longer want, items that others could use {how many pie tins does one person need?} ; you name it.

since we both have worked with kids for a billion years, we have accumulated a ton of stuff! toys, books, play areas, ect. we went though everything ; clothes, rooms, closets & pulled out lots and lots of stuff.

i spent a day organizing and pricing everything & blake was in charge of manning the garage sale {i had to work all day}. we didn't sell everything {you never do} ; but we brought 11+ reusable bags FULL of stuff & only returned with one IKEA bag-full. some things are vintage & worth money, so i will try to sell them. most other things will be donated to local non-profits around the area.

we didn't make a ton of money, but enough to make a small credit card payment {which is never a bad thing!}

do you 'do' garage sales? host your own? go to them?

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