Tuesday, May 13, 2014

day 198: plant a tree for arbor day

this one was so easy! 

i remember planting a couple trees in elementary school, but it wasn't 'real' planting. the teachers dug the hole & we all threw a handful of dirt on the pile..

a couple weeks ago, blake & i spent the morning volunteering on the midtown greenway {which is a 6 mile 'bike highway'} for arbor day.
there were over 100 volunteers, who planted 75 trees! the trees all came from tree trust ; who i would LOVE to work with in the future!

we got to plant our very own tree! all of the volunteers got a lesson on how to properly plant {i always just thought your 'dug & dropped' ; WRONG!} and then we were off!

within 2 hours, over 75 trees had been planted! thats pretty neat! we know which tree is 'ours' and are excited to watch it grow!


  1. That is awesome! Good for you! I should really get my stepdaughters into doing this. I should look around here & see if they have anything similar, I'm sure they do. :)

    1. yay! you could call your city or even contact Tree Trust & see if they have any contacts // resources in your area!
      we had a lot of fun & it was so rad to watch a small group of people make a difference in the community!