Monday, May 19, 2014

day 203 : help a neighbor

happy monday!
this one was super easy!

each may, our neighborhood has a neighborhood-wide garage sale on a saturday & then a small festival on sunday.
there are TONS {and tons} of garage sales & then a few thousand {more?} folks come to our local park the next day for food trucks, a book sale, silent auction and a maker fair.

i had to work all day on saturday, but before i left, b & i helped out a neighbor.
there is an awesome neighborhood website called ; do you know it? you can start one, if it doesn't exist or you can join. its like a facebook // craigslist hybrid and everything is neighborhood-related. so, if someone a few blocks away is looking for some help raking leaves, or a family is looking for a summer nanny or maybe someone across the street wants to purchase a secondhand bike trailer ; you can use the site for all of it.

we love it! i check it every day & its definitely made me feel more connected to our area.
a couple weeks ago, a woman posted that she was looking for help on the morning of the garage sale. shes 85, lives in an apartment, and was hoping someone could help her move her stuff onto the lawn.

turns out, she lives a block away, so we called her & signed up. another local woman came, as well. we each made a few trips in // out with some heavy boxes and furniture ; but got everything set up in about 45 minutes.

and look at these imported perrier bottles {and carrier!} from the 60s! these came home with me!

my grandpa passed away almost four years ago {gosh, how has it been that long?!} ; and my grandma lives alone. my family lives nearby & i never worry about her not getting help ; but if my grandma needed something, i would like to think that some younger folks in her town would step up & help.

have you heard of next door? ever used it?
if its in your area, i would highly recommend it!

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  1. I LOVE the Perrier bottles & carrier! Very cool! :)