Friday, May 16, 2014

day 201 : VACATION RECAP {day 4}

im going to take today & tomorrow to finish up our florida vacation trip round-ups! {you can check out day 1, day 2 & day 3}

after two days of amusement park food {cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, funnel cakes!} and thousands and thousands of people, we got back to 'our kind of vacation' ; a 45-mile bike ride! 

blake & i love biking {you totally knew that, right?} we bike year round & get super-nerdy when it comes to talking about bikes.

we pulled on our padded bike shorts & kelly dropped us off at the west orange bike trail. we rented bikes & we were off. we had some bike trouble that set us back about 90 min, but we met some really awesome people, as they came over to help! the bike rental place had to replace my bike, but then we were off! the trail was pretty flat & well-shaded. the spots that weren't quickly made us forget how long its been since we have biked in 85*+ weather.. 

after the ride, we headed to east end market! this was one of the items on my 'must do while in orlando' list! its a 2-story space with a bunch of different local shops inside. everything from a coffee roaster to a vintage // flower shop to a bakery.
it also blows my mind that there are places in this country where food grows year-round! im a bit jealous, if we are being honest..

after the market, we headed down the road & ate at bikes, beans & bordeaux ; a bike cafe // coffeehouse. the food was great & blake, jeff & kelly got to sample a bunch of local beers!

tomorrow i will finish up & post about our last day on vacation!

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