Thursday, May 15, 2014

day 200{!!!} : the instagram picture that made me all goosebump-y {and stuff}

day 200!
{that means i have 165 days left of this project!}
there are about 230 days left in 2014 ; so, if i keep my act together, i should be able to finish BEFORE the end of the year!

so, since 200 is kind of a milestone number, i wanted to share a milestone-type of post!
a couple of weeks ago, i was getting ready for bed & decided to check the #benicebox hashtag on instagram. i see photos that i have posted, pictures from subscribers handing out items or completing good deeds and then i come across this photo! {you can see the whole convo + photo here}

YOU GUYS! i was so pumped! 
this girl, jacqueline, FOUND one of our good deeds! 
in the March box, everybody received a stationary kit. inside each one, was a stamped card, stamped postcard & a few stickers. there was a note that said 'send someone a card on me.' each subscriber was then suppose to leave the kit somewhere for someone to find.

so, i wrote jaqueline and asked where she was from & where she found the kit. {remember, we are sending boxes out to folks all over the country!} 

it turns out that my sweet friend vanessa left this kit at an in-and-out burger outside of reno, nevada and jaqueline found it! she said she was so excited to find it & that it made her entire week.

ahh ; goosebumps, you guys! i put about 65 of these kits together and sent them to cities and states all over the country. from there, my friends {and complete strangers} passed these kits out ; left them in coffee shops, put them in books, ect. and FROM THERE, complete strangers picked them up. strangers looked at them, touched them, opened them up & took them home. each kit contained two cards // postcards. if each stranger sent both, thats almost 170 folks who had smiles put on their faces by these cards.

ive said it a billion times {and i will say it again} ; spreading kindness and doing good deeds will absolutely change the world. YOU can do this! you can put a stamp on a notecard & leave it for a stranger to find! 

i had no idea that a year ago, i would start this project. i had no idea the impact it would have on my life. i had no intention of starting a business because of this blog. i am so incredibly inspired by the folks who help make this world a better place. thanks for following along on this incredible journey!


  1. I love this! So cool to hear from someone who received some kindness!

  2. That is such a great idea! I love it! Wish I could find one of these awesome little things here in 'Sconnie. :)