Friday, April 18, 2014

day 188 : kindness carousel {week 14}

its been quite a few weeks since i posted a round-up of awesome links!
we leave for vacation on sunday ; so, while i work on packing {and getting everything ready for daphne's dog sitter}, enjoy these heartwarming links!

1) have a bunch of extra coupons laying around? do you receive the Sunday paper & throw away all the coupon inserts? chloe glazer is a 10-year old who created coupons help ; a site where you can donate unused coupons and they will be sorted and donated to local food shelves. this is such a simple and easy way to make a difference!

2) my friend katy made 'thank you' cookies for her neighbors after they helped get her car out of a snowbank.

3) have you seen this? this mom added a sandbox to her infant sons grave, so her other son could still play with him. {tear jerker!}

4) for the April BNB, we helped support CTC International ; who empowers women in Africa, who have children with disabilities. this is a really beautiful NPR article about what it means to live with special needs in Kenya.

5) missy wrote a post about good deeds and the increase in #payitforward that she is seeing!

6) sarah outlined 19 teeny tiny things you can do to make the world better! {i love all these posts about good deeds!}

7) love TOMS shoes? they recently launched TOMS Roasting! each pound of coffee you purchase gives clean water to someone in need!

8) my sweet friend Vanessa was in Redbook magazine talking about what it means to 'live richly,'

9) this is so fun! our friend nicholas sells buffalo ; on his bike! that means that he pulls a 300 pound trailer to different farmers markets around the city! totally worth reading the article!

10) because you know i cant resist a good 'pit bull success' story : see where Michael Vick's fighting dogs are today! 

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