Thursday, April 10, 2014

day 183 : April Be Nice Box REVEAL

hi everybody! 
happy thursday!! we hit 70* yesterday in minneapolis {first time in 6+ months!} and all the snow is gone! the bike trails are finally clear, which means i can put away my heavy bike with snow tires & get moving on my race bike {woo hoo!}

lets talk about the be nice box! 
the april boxes went out a couple days behind schedule {one of the packages was stuck in illinois for d-a-y-s!} & now that everybody has had time to unbox & share photos on social media ; i thought it would be a perfect time to show you everything that was in this months box! 

Be Nice Box : April Edition! // this month we sent boxes to folks in 17 states {including first-timers Kentucky, Alaska and Oklahoma!!} 
our theme : Tree Huggers & Planet Savers {each good deed this month has to do with taking care of Mother Nature!} 

this months good deeds : 
1) all month long : make an effort to lessen your impact ; use less & recycle more
2) see a piece of not-super-gross garbage? pick it up! {it takes a village!}
3) feed the birds! INCLUDED // bird feeder
4) April 10th is National Sibling Day. send a sibling or friend a rad card! INCLUDED // card from smock paper
5) SELF-CARE! drink more water! {avoid plastic bottles}
6) measure your carbon footprint & share the small changes you will be making
7) April 16th is National Librarian Day! head to the library check out a book or donate one of your favorites
8) offer someone a breath mint. INCLUDED // pack of mints from Project 7
9) attend a community event ; a food drive, school place, sports event, ect
10) April 22nd is EARTH DAY! find a way to volunteer and be involved in your community
11) grab a friend & spend time in nature! refuel with trail mix! INCLUDED // Enjoy Life Nut-free trail mix
12) use a reusable bag wherever you go ; leave it in your car, take it shopping, ect. ask if your store will give you a bag discount

items in the boxes include : bird feeder to hang up // nut-free trail mix from Enjoy Life // breath mints from Project 7 {for every purchase you make, they donate to awesome causes around the world} // bamboo Thank You cards {made in the US, with wind power!} from Smock // handmade coffee sleeve from the women at LIFEline

the april box is one of my favorites! all of these companies are doing really incredible things & i am so happy to be able to share them with our awesome subscribers! 

if you are interested in joining us for may, you can head here to sign up! 

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