Wednesday, March 26, 2014

day 182 : take what you need {a good reminder that we all need something}

back in january, i hand drew a 'take what you need' sheet ' and included one in each of the Be Nice Boxes. 
it really was one of my favorite good deeds that has ever gone into the boxes.

last week, blake & i took daph for a super long neighborhood stroll & happened upon someone elses handmade 'take what you need' sheets. 
i think we saw about 4 or 5, all taped to different utility poles around the neighborhood.

i love stuff like this! 
i do! 
signs like this & tiny acts of kindness are the total basis of my 'year of minnesota nice' project & the Be Nice Box! 
small, good deeds that cheer people up & bring a smile to someones face is so powerful! creating small change in your neighborhood leads to big changes in behavior & community! 

so, to the stranger who stapled these all over ; thanks! 

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