Friday, March 7, 2014

day 174 : kindness carousel {week 13}

happy friday, everybody!
lets spread some kindness!
{kindness carousel is a weekly feature where we share some of the kindest, most uplifting links from around the web!}

1) i am always a sucker for posts like these! 33 pictures that will make you proud to be a human being!

2) have you seen these underwear?! they can be used in place of panty liners {!} are odor-resistant and are full of amazing technology! {i am planning on purchasing the 5 pack ; i will report back!} super-bonus : for every pair you buy, they donate 7 reusable pads to girls in need. {YES!}

3) i posted about this earlier this week, but you can go here to send dominic a birthday card!

4) i often check out the website for the city i grew up in {i havent lived there in 20 years ; but some of my family still does} this note in the 'letters to the editor' section made me all warm & fuzzy! {small-town minnesota nice at its finest!}

5) {i am not sure if youll be able to see this because of my facebook privacy settings ; let me know} ; but speaking of random acts of kindness : this note left on someones car... goosebumps, man. strangers spreading kindness ;)

6) live in the twin cities? looking for something fun to do on saturday? how about the edina art crawl! i will be judging the artwork ; if you are coming, let me know. lets hug!

7) are you celebrating lent this year? how about spending the remaining days giving back & creating a stronger sense of community? i love this.

8) did you see this video, yet? folks running a race made a detour to shake hands with {and thank} a 95-year old vet!

9) how about this article? stop performing random acts of kindness! 

10) i feel really lucky to have been interviewed by the super-talented liv lane for this months issue of magazine. you can check out the article here.

have an awesome weekend!
{i am going to try to share a fun good deed on saturday!}

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