Tuesday, March 4, 2014

day 172 : give Dominic the best birthday EVER!

you guys! 
this one is so sweet! and easy! 
my friend tara recently shared this link with me! 
dominic is 10 {almost 11}, lives in michigan and is dealing with some pretty serious health issues. so serious, that he is home-bound right now and turning 11 at the end of this month.
his parents created this facebook page & are asking folks to flood their mailbox for dominic's 11th birthday.
he cant have a party, so his family is hoping that folks from all over the world will help him celebrate! 

seriously, how awesome is this! 
think about all of the amazing kindness opportunities we have because of technology! 
you can send a little boy you will never meet a card to celebrate his special day! 
i think about my 11th birthday and what it would have meant to have gotten cards and well-wishes from strangers!

not only did my friend tara share this with me, but she bought {and stamped} 13 cards that she is giving out to folks to send to him.
{i feel SO lucky to have people in my life who care so hard about others!}

if you want to participate, you can send cards to : 
Lil D Tyner
P.O Box 1627
Brighton, MI 48116

our card is going out in the mail this afternoon & his birthday is the 28th!
if you send a card, snap a photo & email it to me! id love to share it with others! 

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