Thursday, March 20, 2014

day 183 : be inspired, cry during a movie & then eat free pizza

all of those things happened in a matter of a couple hours recently!

last week, b & i were given the chance to see the 2013 diana nyad documentary 'the other shore' for free at our local movie theatre.
luckily, i had the day off & my goodness, i was *so thankful* we went.
you guys, it was incredible! 

diana nyad is the 63-year old woman who swam non-stop from cuba to key west.
you can watch the trailer below & read more about the film here.

her story, her drive, her past, her physical ability ; ah, SO AMAZING! 
after the house lights came on, i looked around and seriously, almost everybody was bawling! 

after the film, there was a small local business fair happening in the lobby.
i was lucky enough to win a $25 gift certificate to a local restaurant.
i also won a steel water bottle {which i gave away to a random woman ; i already have a water bottle} and blake won a travel coffee mug that he is gifting to his coworker! 

since i had the day off, we used the gift card right away! we each had pizza & ended with splitting dessert! 

i will say it again ; renting // watching this documentary is well worth it! 

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