Thursday, March 20, 2014

day 178 : pick up trash

trash {and littering} drives me nuts! 
seriously, of all the things on the planet, watching people litter makes my blood boil.
i am such a strong believer in 'it takes a village' and i get so frustrated when i see people who aren't taking care of their surroundings.
see? mad about trash ;)

the other afternoon, i was waiting for the bus & a young family was waiting near me. the mom gave the little boy a plastic bag to play with & hes ripping it up & running all over the road {this was a good lesson is not judging people!} finally, mom decides its time to go, offers the boy a snack cake & they leave. as they go, he drops the bag & she drops the food wrapper.
*also, they were about 18 inches away from a city trash can!*

so, instead of getting super mad and chasing after them {advantages of turning 30 & maturing!} ; i picked up their garbage and threw it away! 
as the snow & ice are melting, it seems there is a ton more trash around. be the person to pick up a piece or two and place them in the garbage! 

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  1. Thank you for picking up after those folks! I see it all the time as well and it drives me bonkers, but I try to pitch in and grab up any stray litter when out and about also. Every little bit helps!