Wednesday, March 5, 2014

day 173 : thank the driver & {I GOT A NEW JOB}

you guys!
the 10-day forecast doesnt show ANY negative temps!
{i am not sure that any 10-day forecast this year showed ALL above-zero temps ; BRING.IT.ON!}

as you read this, i am on my way to day #2 at my new job!
i was going to tell you all about it, but maybe for a different day...
{sometimes i totally struggle with the balance of sharing my 'offline' life & being able to 'keep some of it for myself.' that makes sense, right?}

anyways, because it still looks like this, i am not biking!

my new job is 3 days a week & until it thaws out ; i am bussing it.
if i cant bike, taking the bus is *always* my #2 choice!
the drivers are rad, the routes are pretty easy to navigate {i did get off at the wrong stop the other day, through..} and its pretty affordable.

every single time i get on the bus, i *always* greet the driver & ask them how they are. and when i get off, i *always* thank them. always! {mom, youre proud, right?!} 

yesterday, i got off the bus & my transfer bus was coming in the opposite direction. there was NO WAY i could have made it! i had to cross the street {wait for the light} and then run half a block to catch it. my driver honked the horn, and the second driver waited for me. 

so, while i always make an effort to thank my driver ; i am especially grateful for them this season. our roads are awful! inches of pure, glare ice & crappy conditions.. 

do you ride the bus? 


  1. When I lived in bloomington my friends and I would look at the bus schedule, but it never really worked for where we wanted to go. i do always use it for the state fair, and used it last year on st. patty's day to get from minneapolis to st. paul. but for the random visit, I tend to either walk around downtown, or drive where I need to go.

    1. i agree with you ; i feel that the buses in the city run more often and trips can be quicker.
      i think when the light rail opens in st paul this summer, it will be a game changer!

  2. Busses are my main form of transportation. I love that I don't have to rely on the good will of a taxi driver I don't know or the availability of a taxi to get to work. It also helps me practice my Chinese, which is a good thing!

    1. yeah!
      taxis arent super common outside of downtown & services like lyft & uber are slowly gaining grown ; but outside of biking, busing is my main form of getting around.
      its not always on time & sometimes the rides are stressful ; but overall, i really enjoy riding!

  3. Hi Diana! It was great to meet you at the happy hour last week. I'm loving catching up on your blog. I live in a fairly small town so the public transportation isn't great, but I can't wait for the day I live in the city and can ditch my car. I love taking the bus and train around the city. And I think it's great that you thank the drivers every day. I'm sure that small sign of appreciation goes a long way. :)

    1. hey! it was great meeting you, too!
      public transport always seems to work best in the larger cities! it can definitely take a bit longer, but i love the idea of getting more people out of cars and using public transit!

  4. It's been a long time since I've ridden the city bus, but I used to love it when I was younger... That's so awesome that your drivers are so kind and considerate, even in the worst of weather. Yay!! :)