Tuesday, March 18, 2014

day 176 : attend a *free* fitness class

another super easy good deed! 
{when i first started this project, i was so afraid of running out of ideas. now that i am almost 200 days in, i find that opportunities for good deeds 'just happen.'}

i live a few blocks away from our local athleta shop!
each month, athleta brings in local trainers and fitness professionals & offers free classes.
i don't own a gym membership & because of the weather, i haven't been on my bike all season.
i love the opportunity to work super hard & meet new folks! 

i took a 60 min bootcamp class & my rear was seriously sore for the next 4 days.
{without a doubt, i work far harder in a setting like that than i do by myself with my fitness videos!}  

taking care of my health & supporting a local fitness pro totally counts as a good deed!

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