Monday, March 17, 2014

day 175 : support a local coffee shop

hi, you guys! 
i havent blogged in such a long time, but i have about 20 good deeds i recently completed ; so that should help me stay on track! ;)

this one was super simple! 
we are members of a really great CSA & each week, we pick up our boxes at blue ox coffee. 
{you have heard it a billion times, but} this winter has been super brutal.
its been pretty hard on a lot of small businesses. when its -35* for long stretches of time, people stay in. and over time, that hurts the 'little guy.'

a couple weeks ago, blue ox posted a super honest plea for help on their facebook page.
christina also wrote a really great article here.

the day after this was posted, blake and i bundled up & headed over to the shop. our small contribution certainly didnt make a huge difference ; but when a community // neighborhood bands together, good things are sure to happen.

if you are local {or know someone who is} ; blue ox could sure use your business.
{bonus : their coffee, service & dedication to their community is awesome!}

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