Wednesday, March 19, 2014

day 177 : drop off {more!} books at a little free library

i think i have used this as a good deed at least 4 or 5 times in the last 177 days!
but, i dont mind!
i absolutely LOVE little free libraries and feel super lucky that we have so many in our neighborhood & community.
{on my new bus route to work, i ride past a few i have never been to & one of these days, i am going to stop, just so i can check them out!}
i recently finished these two books, so i decided to drop them off at a nearby LFL.

not too long ago, i grabbed this book from one of the boxes. i started it, didnt love it & decided to re-read the harry potter series for the 9th time ;)

i love the idea that people come to a central location & either drop off or pick up books. i love it. the thoughts of different people in different homes at different stages // emotions in their life ; all sharing a piece of literature... love it!

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  1. I also donate books to our local library (i had a full series of a gossip girl-esque set of books) but also to our local "salvation army" its not branded that way, but the best way to describe it. I've been going through and re-reading my old books, and if I don't have a connection to them, giving them away. Hopefully they find happier owners!