Saturday, July 19, 2014

day 236 : switch to WIND POWER

woo hoo!
i love this!
i don't have any photos today, but hey ; i am saving the planet!

blake & i live in an apartment ; so a lot of 'environmental benefits // refunds // special offers' don't apply to us.
{although you could argue that living in an apartment is super energy-efficient!}
last month, we were at a neighborhood fair, saw our energy supplier {xcel, for you local folks} and went over. we were chatting about living in an apartment, having super low-cost energy bills {on average, we pay about $20 a month} and how we would love to be able to take advantage of being more earth // renewable resource // planet -friendly.

we were in luck!
xcel now offers a 'windsource for residents' program!
we are now paying an additional 80 cents a month {seriously, less than $12 a YEAR} for some of our power to be sourced from wind & solar energy!
so, so awesome! 
its an increase we won't really notice & in return we know that we are using natural resources to keep the planet clean.
bonus : for signing up, they gave us one of those really cool, insulated water bottles!

if you are a member of xcel energy in minnesota, you can go here to learn more!
tell us : have you heard of a program like this before? have you joined something similar?

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  1. That is so awesome, only 80c per month! So cool! Good for your guys! :)