Monday, July 21, 2014


happy monday! 
lets talk about flash mobs!
last month, the rad folks at kind spring awarded me $100 to do something to make the planet a better place.
i decided to host a kindness flash mob, with the intention of handing out kindness grab bags.
while i was planning, i decided not to a have a strict agenda. i didn't want to discourage people from reaching out to strangers because they were embarrassed or felt pressure.
we met last friday at the lake harriet bandshell. my awesome friends from nice ride had free ride passes available for anybody who wanted to spread kindness on two wheels.

i made 30 grab bags ; each contained a list of 7 acts of kindness and 3 tangible items. every bag shared four good deeds, but the items were different in each bag. {you can find the same bags here, in the shop}
i put out the call through social media, along with my neighborhood message board & hoped that someone would show up...
you guys, 14 people came! eleven of them were complete strangers! people i didn't know ; folks who decided to spend a tiny bit of their time hanging with me & doing something nice for others! 
so, so cool! 

originally, i thought it would be cool if we all took the bags & went in a large group to hand them out. since people were coming at different times, i explained the bags, my mission & the idea ; allowed them to grab their bags and spread kindness on their own. some people came with friends, others with their children and a few folks came by themselves. some people checked back in after they passed out their bags and others left, with the intention of handing them out in their own neighborhood.

honestly, i was not super worried or concerned with who people handed the bags out to! if someone took one home for their mom or neighbor, left one on a windshield or actually walked up to a stranger to hand it over ; kindness is kindness. people taking a minute to put a bit of extra kindness into the universe is never a bad thing! 
it would be great to do this again, but go in a large group to hand everything out! but this event was super awesome & i felt so very thankful for the folks who decided to make someones day a bit brighter! 
 {picture by my friend Dajon}

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