Friday, July 18, 2014

day 235 : kindness carousel {WEEK 17}

kindness carousel is one of my favorite posts to write ; i haven't done it lately, but am excited to share!
each friday, i round up some of the most positive, inspiring links from around the web & share them with you!

i was going through links that i shared last fall // winter and some of them are just too special not to share again!

1) this dad is raising money to write a 'space book' with his 4-year old son!

2) hands down ; still one of my favorite youtube videos of all time!

3) *such* a sweet story AND an incredible reminder that dogs have intuition and skills we still don't fully understand.

4) LOVE THIS ---> you get what you pay for. such a simple reminder that we really don't need tons of 'stuff' to live richly.

5) yay! we can all use a 'buddy bench.' 

6) {from the holidays} // STOP facebooking what you are thankful for!
7) BOOKMARK THIS ONE ----> best books to read this summer!

thats it! 
see you tomorrow!

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