Tuesday, July 15, 2014

day 233 : the 8-year piano player whose concert went viral

you heard about this, right? 
last week, an 8-year old boy in minneapolis created a lawn sign and spent hours promoting his free piano concert to everybody who passed by.
a local guy saw the sign & created a Facebook event, thinking it would be rad for a handful of people to show up to support the boy.
you guys, HUNDREDS of people showed up. in the rain! to listen to an 8-year old kid play the piano. 
so, so awesome! 
i had to work all day, but blake biked over & snapped some photos.
someone live streamed the entire thing & you can listen to it here.
the event has gone viral ; the streamed has been listened to over 20,000 times, there have been news articles all over the world {LA, london, ect} & the story was on the front page of reddit.

i LOVE that people {over 400!} came to this kids concert. i LOVE that people cheered for him, made signs and asked him for autographs. i am sitting here CRYING, thinking about how grateful i am to live in a community where adults {many of whom, no-doubt, had some of their huge dreams shot down by adults when they were kids} stand up and cheer for kids, honor their big dreams & encourage others to dream bigger & reach higher.
each & every day, we have a responsibility to fan the flames of someones dreams! 
you can read some of the press & check out photos here & here.

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