Tuesday, July 22, 2014

day 238 : water bottles & saving the planet

this one is super easy, folks! 

its really no secret that blake & i work really hard to reduce our environmental footprint. we only buy local &/or organic, we stay away from big chain and box stores. we don't own a car. we only purchase clothes from secondhand stores. ect ect.
we also don't buy or use disposable plastic water bottles. blake keeps a coffee travel mug with him at all times, so he doesn't have to use a disposable cup. and we have a shelf full of different size reusable bottles for biking, hot yoga, ect.

a few weeks ago, we biked to st paul for the 40th anniversary 'prairie home companion' show. blake had to work a bit, and i laid in the grass and listened to the show.
i went in to one of the buildings to fill up my bottle {the show was held on a college campus} and found this : 

i love this! i love the visual reminder that each and every person can make a difference. 
even when disposable water bottles are recycled, they still take SO much energy and resources to produce. and the bottles that get tossed in the trash sit in landfills for SO long!
{ps : this water bottle is insulated and so awesome for summer bike rides!}
and how pretty is this view on our ride back?!

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