Monday, July 7, 2014

day 228 : JULY Be Nice Box REVEAL!

happy july! 
can i share this months box with you? {say yes!}
i am really proud of this box. actually, i am really proud of this little business. a few months after i launched, someone said some really mean things about me, the box, the items inside, ect. i thought really hard about my vision and goals for this business & its been really cool to watch everything grow and change. 
lets get to it! 

July Be Nice Box Reveal 
theme // in my neighborhood {all good deeds are meant to be done in your town // city}
charity // this month, we bought thistle paper from Thistle Farms. they house and work with woman who were victims of prostitution, human trafficking and other forms of abuse. the women receive care, support & a job. they all work tougher to create thistle paper, and other amazing beauty products. because of our purchase, we helped employ 15 women! {thats pretty awesome!}
gift // {each month, the subscriber receives as small gift as a thank you for making the planet a better place} paper from thistle farms & hand-carved wooden pencils {made from real branches!} from sparkly & posy

this months good deeds // 
1) leave a mini-note for someone INCLUDED // plantable mini notes
2) place quarters in a machine ; parking meter, vending machine or washing machine
3) make a strangers date-night! place a bag of popcorn at a movie rental kiosk w/ a note
4) introduce yourself to your neighbors
5) FUN! throw someone a mini-party INCLUDED // confetti poppers {w/ equal exchange chocolates inside}
6) head to a new restaurant or store in your community // BONUS post a positive review on yelp!
7) color a fashion postcard & send it to a friend who lives across town INCLUDED // fashion post cards 
8) pick a day & say 'good morning' to every person you see
9) see kids selling lemonade? STOP, ask them questions & purchase a glass! feed their entrepreneurial spirit
10) LOVE THESE! spread kindness & place stickers around town INCLUDED // you are beautiful stickers
11) SO EASY! bring in your neighbors recycling bin or trash can
12) thank someone who often gets overlooked ; bus driver, janitor, construction worker, crossing guard, ect

items included in this months box // 
plantable mini notecards from bloomin{each card contains a square of plantable seed paper!} // chocolates from equal exchange // post cards from nina chakrabarti // stickers from you are beautiful {search #yabsticker on social media for inspiration!} 
want to join us for August? head here for details & to sign up! 
tell us : did you receive the July box? do you have a favorite good deed this month? 


  1. I'm sorry that someone said mean things about you and this company--they're probably just jealous. I love the idea behind this box!

  2. Your boxes are amazing & for anyone to say something bad about you & what you do is insane! You keep it up & don't let the haters get you down. :)

  3. This is the 1st time that I have come across your box and I think that the idea of it is great. More people need to spread kindness. Keep up the good work!