Friday, July 25, 2014

day 241 : kindness carousel {WEEK 18}

here we go ; a handful of the kindest & most inspiring links on the web!

1) we are lucky to live a few blocks away from lake harriet. around the lake, there is a tree with a tiny elf door ; where kids {and adults} can write a note & come back and get a response. this article was just written about the 20th anniversary of the elf! {photo is from the article}

2) todd parr is my all-time favorite children's author. last fall, he gave this interview. its short & sweet ; but gosh, i just want to be friends with him in real life! {we have emailed back & forth, so lets say we are making progress ;)}

3) world kindness day will happen in november. heather wrote this post last fall! never a bad time to brush up & plan future good deeds!

4) woo hoo! ------> this really is the nicest bike share program in the us!

5) another one of my all-time favorite youtube videos of all-time! {here}

6) i blog about my love of little free libraries quite often ; head to their blog to stay updated and inspired by their awesome movement.

7) thoughts on this? -----> STOP performing random acts of kindness! 

8) LOVE THIS! can germany end hunger with this new program?

any rad links you want to share?
see you tomorrow!

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