Wednesday, July 16, 2014

day 234 : You Are BEAUTIFUL! {yes, YOU!}

one of my all-time favorite things about creating the Be Nice Boxes each month is the opportunity to share some of the most uplifting, creative, awesome products in the universe.
i work really hard to not only find cool things, but to also make sure that the companies are working hard to make this planet a kinder place! 

in the july box, everybody received 8 stickers from the folks at You Are Beautiful. the good deed was simple : leave them somewhere! stick them somewhere cool. leave them {WITHOUT TAKING OFF THE STICKY PART} on someones windshield. drop it in a book. the possibilities are endless! 

i had a couple stickers left over & daph and i decided to 'sticker-bomb' our neighborhood!
we put them on the door of a new-to-me little free library, on a bike rack at the library & on the trash can at the park. this can is almost-always used for smelly dog poop ; so what a way to make someone smile as they are holding dog crap.. ;)

you can order your own stickers here & you can follow their journey with the #yabsticker hashtag on social media! 

tell us : have you stuck yours somewhere yet? 

1 comment:

  1. I loved this so much that I ordered my own subscription of stickers. I just love the idea of making someone smile just for a moment when seeing that. :)