Thursday, July 24, 2014

day 240 : leave a {plantable} note for a stranger

another super-simple good deed today!
{you see a theme here, right? it only takes a min to make someones day brighter!}

in the july box, everybody received two plantable mini-cards from the folks at bloomin'.
{bonus: the cards are on clearance right now if you want to grab a few!}
whenever i order items for the box, i always grab a few extras for myself ; because hello, i want to play, too! ;)

i know i have talked a thousand times about all of the little free libraries in my neighborhood {on an average hour long walk, no matter the route, i will find between 5 & 10 LFL!} ; i thought leaving a note inside one would be fun!
the cards are pretty small, so i just wrote a little message & then taped the envelope inside.
the super-cool thing about these cards? the colored piece on the front {bloomin' has a bunch of different colors and insects to choose from} comes out & is full of wildflower seeds! so you can keep the note AND plant the paper!
fun, right? 
these cards are super cute & would be great to keep a few on hand!
the august boxes will ship next week & there are still 10 boxes left! 
head here to grab one!

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  1. That's so awesome! You're so awesome...have I told you that recently?!?!

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