Friday, July 4, 2014

day 227 : young kids + their entrepreneurial spirit

happy friday! {and the 4th!}
i had a different good deed planned for today, but this one is perfect for a red, white & blue holiday! 

one of the good deeds in the July Be Nice Box is 'see a kid selling lemonade? stop, buy a glass, ask questions and honor their entrepreneurial spirit' easy enough, right? summer time brings us all outside and kids love selling lemonade.

yesterday, we were out walking daphne & came across a little boy selling hand-loomed bracelets. we stopped, ask him what he used, how long they took, which was his favorite and what his big plans for the money were {um, ill just keep it, until i want something cool..}

we both purchased a bracelet for $2 each & proudly wore them the rest of the night.
as we were walking away, we heard him run into the house and yell, 'mom! they gave me $4!'

so fun! 
have an awesome and SAFE weekend & ill see you on monday! 

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