Thursday, December 5, 2013

day 134 : give a little money on #givingtuesday

i know, i know ; i have mentioned going to the doctors in every post this week..

over the past couple of years, 'giving tuesday' has become a 'thing.'
it always falls after 'cyber monday' ; the tuesday after thanksgiving.
it was created as a way to stop & give back after all the overindulgent spending we did on friday, saturday & monday.

you pick a cause you care about & give them some support. there is no limit on the amount ; the idea is to support people that are doing great things!

recently, i lost my health insurance.
i have always been covered under blake's plan at work ; but he switched jobs & his new plan doesn't cover me {since we aren't married}. i am pretty healthy, but have been waiting for january 1st, so i can be covered under the affordable care act {obamacare}
well, about 3 weeks after losing healthcare, i found this lump & *had* to get it checked out.
we have a planned parenthood nearby & they did all my preventive care // tests at no cost.
i know that some folks hate on planned parenthood ; but honestly, depending on what all of my tests reveal ; the fact that they offered me a free screening ; it could have saved my life!
{health care is definitely one of my 'soap box' issues! i wont go on ; but i could... ;)}

anyways, i am so very thankful for organizations like planned parenthood.
so, on giving tuesday, i took all the cash out of my wallet & gave it to the receptionist in hopes that another woman can receive the same care i did!

tell us : who did you support on tuesday?

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