Friday, December 13, 2013

day 138 : kindness carousel {week 7}

you guys, its my last day of being 29!
i turn 30 {at 12:12am} tomorrow! its pretty cool to think about this brand new decade ahead of me..
i have family coming this weekend & i took the WHOLE weekend off work! tomorrow morning, a dozen of my favorite people are joining me for brunch!

lets talk about kindness!
{kindness carousel is a weekly feature where i link to some of the coolest stories // videos that happened recently!}

1) i love a good flash mob! to honor nelson mandela after his passing, this choir preformed a song {in a grocery store!} that was written during his incarceration during the apartheid.
2) this is what 'minnesota nice' is all about! this woman found $2,800 in a parking lot & then RETURNED IT!
3) want to make a new friend? mary is setting up a pen pal exchange! go here to sign up
4) hahaha ; 28 funniest notes written by kids this year

5) still looking for great gifts? here is a massive list of gifts for everybody!
6) this spring, zach sobiech passed away ; maybe you remember that awesome song 'clouds' that he wrote and preformed? two weeks ago, 5,000 people gathered at the mall of america {zach was from here} to perform his song. unbelievable! {seriously you guys, this is such a *must see!*}
7) a year & a half ago, we brought daphne into our lives to be the third member of our little family. before she was up for adoption, she was living on the street & trapped in a harness. here are 20 photos are dogs who are SO pumped to be headed to their 'forever homes.'
i took this photo the very first day we brought her home. it makes me all emotional to think about her scary 'pre-us' days & then to see how much she loved and trusted us as soon as she entered our family!
{and if you look at the bottom of the photo, you can see her scars from surgery, when they cut the harness off of her}

8) i was on the news this week! i had the chance to head to a local news station and talk about the be nice box for a couple minutes. the clip is below & you can read the article here!
9) jessica wrote two great posts about her december be nice box. here & here {this one is fun! she took one of the ideas & totally made it her own!}

have an awesome weekend!

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