Friday, December 6, 2013

day 135 : kindness carousel {week 6}

i have so many awesome links to share this week!
{ps : i had an ultrasound for my lump two days ago & everything is good! nothing to worry about ; which makes me so incredibly thankful!}

are you new to kindness carousel?
its a weekly post sharing positive & uplifting things that happened around the world!
you can see past weeks here, here, here, here & here!

1) my friend jen & her husband are in the process of an international adoption. her posts are so beautiful & make me so thankful to know people like her

2) you guys know Humans of New York, right?! i follow brandon {the photographer} on facebook, but the tumblr page is pretty great, too. he goes around New York & photographs {and mini-interviews} random folks. the pictures are always incredible & the stories are always inspiring. {the photo below was taken from the website ; credit goes to HONY}

3) obviously i am NOT a fan of stealing ; but the actions of this coffeeshop are pretty awesome! someone stole money from their tip jar & their reaction is awfully kind.

4) a friend of mine shared this article ; had me in tears! this little second grader created a 'buddy bench' at his school to help kids feel less lonely!

5) a waitress in vancouver got an awesome tip & can now follow her dreams! {LOVE stories like this!}

6) we got some snow this week & now its COLD! {like, wind chill of -17* when i took daphne out this morning!} this 98-year old twin cities man *still* shovels the sidewalk of his 'old' neighbors.' {i love this! my grandma is 85 & she gives art shows for 'old ladies at the nursing home.'}

7) anna has a list of 24 free {or super cheap} things you can do this holiday season.

8) j did a fun holiday gift guide ; lots of good ideas!

9) a couple malls in canada are offering special hours for kids on the autism spectrum to meet santa {without all the crazy lights, hustle & noise} ; i LOVE seeing this shift! i was a therapist at an autism school for a couple years & many of the families had never been able to meet santa // have traditional holiday cards because of how over-stimulating the mall can be during the holidays. bravo to canada!
10) lindsay reviewed the december be nice box here & you can go here to enter to win a free january box!

do you have anything awesome to share with us?

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