Monday, December 23, 2013

day 139 : seriously, THE coolest planner for 2014!

i know everybody is all 'oh my gosh, its christmas this week!' ; but i am a little more on the 'woo hoo, its almost 2014!' train.
i work tomorrow & the day after christmas, so i wont be going home for christmas. {i worked a similar schedule for thanksgiving, so i didnt get home then, either.} 

i am such a huge fan of planning. of making lists & organizing thoughts & to-dos.
i love the feeling of making a list and checking it twice then crossing things off.
ive never had a 'fancy' planner, though. i usually purchase a notebook at the secondhand store or use a pocket-sized 'field notes' notebook.

a few weeks ago, heather wrote this great post about bloggers {who are also awesome business owners} you can support!
i clicked on all the links {i love learning about new things // artists // info} & found jessicas amazing 'fitting it together' 2014 planner. the colors & clean design totally caught my eye. i also love that each day gets an entire page. no way am i one of those people that can have a whole week on one page {two part-time jobs, one business & a million other things calls for individual pages!}

not too long after i checked out the planner, jessica signed up for the Be Nice Box! one day i reached out & said that i would be happy to trade boxes for the planner. she {so kindly!} replied that she would be happy to send me one with no strings attached!

it came in the mail the other day and i am in LOVE! seriously! there are sticky notes & food tracking sheets & fun stickers to mark events {ladies nights, parties, birthdays, doctor appointments}

also awesome : each day has a 'fit&fab tip' ; a fun food fact, a quick recipe, a reminder to take a moment for you, ect. on the bottom of each page is an inspirational quote {i love stuff like this}

if you are looking for a great way to keep 2014 organized and together, this planner is awesome! 
the colors & design are bright & fun ; the tips are awesome and there is tons of room to write about your food, health, fitness & life goals // to-dos!

head here to purchase the planner. head here to tell jessica that she is awesome!

*disclaimer : jessica DID send me this planner for free, but i really do love it & think everybody should purchase one!*

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  1. This is an AMAZING planner! I wish I had money to buy one right now. Thanks for sharing.