Wednesday, January 1, 2014

day 140 : *WIN* a 3mo subscription to the Be Nice Box + 2014 goals

happy 2014 everybody! 
i know a lot of folks dont love making resolutions // goals // intentions, but i LOVE it! i love the feeling of a new month, a new year, almost 400 days to make positive change.
obviously, each day is a clean slate ; so positive change can happen at any time ; but something about writing a new year & seeing all the blank pages in my planner ; i love it! makes me so motivated for improving my life & the lives of the folks around me! 

for the past 3 years now, i have made a large canvas goal board that i hang up in our living room. this year, i used a few sharpie markers and free-handed everything {in the past, i have used stickers & paint} my 2014 goals go way beyond the ones listed on the board.

i am a goal-lover. i love being able to create a tangible goal {make peanut butter, buy a new couch, have $9,000 in savings} & then take time every week, month, ect to make it happen. {i think at last count, i have 25+ goals i want to accomplish for the year..}

because i am so inspired by the changing year, i am giving away a 3 month subscription to the Be Nice Box {your first box will start February 1st}
how do you win?
head over to our Facebook page & share one {or more} of your 2014 intentions! 
the contest runs TODAY ONLY! if you win, you have the choice to keep it for yourself or gift it to someone else. also, if you are already a subscriber, we will just add on to your existing subscription! 

ps : if one of your goals is to manage your weight // improve your health or wellness ; i have a code for weight watchers. if you sign up through here, you will receive a year of their magazine for FREE! 

heres to a new year FULL of health, happiness & changing the world! 


  1. I'm considering joining weight watchers again. The last time I tried it I wasn't very happy about what was going on in my life and wasn't successful. I'm starting to consider joining again.

  2. Here's to making this year a great one!