Friday, January 17, 2014

day 148 : kindness carousel {week 8}

its back! i havent done one for over a month!
i have a ton of really great links to share.
kindness carousel is a weekly round-up of rad, fun & inspiring things found around the internet.

1) need some perspective on this friday? {say yes, we always do!} this video is so powerful. {if there is the only thing you click on in this post, make it this video}

2) i think this project was intended for the holidays, but its never a bad time to practice kindness. here is a printable calendar for 12 days of kindness!

3) duluth trading company has a really great website. you can click here to read stories of seven woman who are following dreams and doing great things! also, all of their models are real women, working awesome jobs // careers. {also inspiring}. read about them here.

4) do you know the womens bean project? i LOVE their company & mission. they hire women {and get them off the street & break the cycle of homelessness}. they provide them with a job ; which creates an immediate income. they get off the street, into homes, create bonds and work on interpersonal and life skills. they also receive on the job training and other job readiness skills. some of us are so privileged, i am not sure we comprehend what getting a 'real' job means. so many of us just fill out an application and *boom* get a job. or, we cant find a job right away, but our parents or partners have enough to sustain us.
the womens bean project sells gourmet food gifts & beautiful jewelry ; check it out here. i love the chocolate lovers gift basket!  

5) my friend katy just started a new project called photoworthy & the goal is to take a photo & document something small & awesome each day! i am loving it so far. my favorite posts have been here, here & here.

6) because 'being nice' is so much bigger than smiling at strangers.. this blog is one of my favorites for resources // artists businesses that are made in the usa.

7) youve seen this note, right? a man recently lost his wife & used her memory to pay it forward.

8) this website is awesome! and super inspirational! you pick a goal {lose weight, learn to juggle, paint a masterpiece} and film a few seconds of your journey each day. and at the end of your 100 days, you can watch it all come together. watching other peoples videos is super inspiring!

9) YES! you are enough!
the unexpected lesson i learned from lying about my fat loss story! 

10) have you checked our leahs artwork? {and i love her blog!} she was one of our december artists & shes super-talented!

11) stephanie shared a great recap of the december box. you can see it here!

and some exciting be nice box press :
12) a few weeks back, the folks from southwest journal {they are a local newspaper that is delivered to each home in southwest minneapolis} interviewed me about the box, this blog & the mission. you can read the story here. {and if you live in SW, you can pick up a newspaper!}

and : you can still donate to my sisters polar plunge campaign here

any awesome stories // articles you want to share?
have an awesome friday!!

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