Thursday, January 16, 2014

day 147 : watch my sister freeze her butt off {& offer YOU a free Be Nice Box}

i am super excited for tomorrow! i havent done a 'kindness carousel' in *weeks*, so i have tons of really rad things to share.

lets talk about good deeds : 
i have a younger sister! 
{hi sara!}
{this is one of my all-time favorite pictures of her. and, you can see daphne wearing a hawaiian lei in the reflection of her glasses..}

she just signed up to do a polar bear plunge ; are you guys familiar with these? {i imagine there arent such events like this in florida, arizona, new mexico, ect. but correct me if i am wrong..}

a polar bear plunge is when a group of maniacs people *plunge* into the freezing cold water, in the name of charity! 
the race will take place on february 1st.
this is how people usually dress in february in minnesota..
{excuse the old photo & super-messy room!}

but, my sister & some of her friends will be JUMPING into a frozen lake to raise money for the Special Olympics of Minnesota {which is awesome!}

she has a $75 fundraising goal {this goes to charity, NOT to my sister!} and if you would like to help, you would be changing lives! in 2013, the polar bear plunge had over 15,000 participants and raised over $3 MILLION dollars for Special Olympics Minnesota! {thats just in one year, you guys!}

so, if you are looking to do something awesome today & have $5 to spare, you can head here & donate to my sisters fundraising page!

bonus : for anybody that donates $15 {or more}, i will give you a FREE month of the Be Nice Box!
{if you already subscribe, we will just add a month on. and if you are new, i will contact you after your donation to get your info!}
{this is my mom, grandma, my sister & i in a 2-way mirror this spring!}
{i love this photo!}

tell me : have you ever done {or heard of} a polar bear plunge?


  1. That's so awesome that your sister is doing that! Crazy, but awesome. We have quite a few polar bear plunges up here (I'm in Washington). I've never done one because I am a total pansy ha ha :D

    1. kenzie, i would never do it, either! i think they are outrageous, haha. its super awesome that so many people do it {they raise MILLIONS of dollars}, but id rather volunteer at a bake sale or something ;)