Thursday, January 23, 2014

day 151 : baskets, overcoming poverty & our February Be Nice Box charity!

thursday, everybody! 
the february boxes go out early next week {woo hoo!} and i have been working like a mad-woman to get everything together.

awesome news : the february boxes are SOLD OUT!
its a really cool feeling knowing that people all around the country are completing small acts of kindness to make this planet better. its so awesome.

each month, we give $1 from every box sold to a charity. we pick a new charity each month that aligns with the theme. i love the idea of completing good deeds in your community while also being aware that your actions are effecting {affecting?} others around the world.

usually, when i announce the new theme {february is 'hugs & kisses'}, i also announce the new charity.
4 days before the boxes go out and i am JUST NOW announcing the charity..
why? i had a great organization lined up {i always try to contact them first, just as a heads up} and they turned out to be completely unreliable {bummer}

so, i have been spending a lot of time trying to pick the 'perfect' group for this month. i dont choose to organizations lightly ; i want to make sure that our money is going to a place that will create change ; a place that we can all feel proud we are supporting.

we will be giving $1 from every box sold in February to The Blessings Basket Project!

do you know them?
there is so much great information about the work they are doing on their website, feel free to head here to check it out.

the blessings basket project works with women in poverty in developing nations. they learn to weave & receive 2+x MORE than fair trade wage {this is HUGE!}. their products are beautiful! your purchase helps bring women out of poverty. women in the blessing basket project are in the program for about three years ; when they graduate, they are able to live independently, run their own businesses and provide for their families.
you can help by purchasing items from their store {they are also in most whole foods stores across the country}

so, how are we helping this month?
we are donating our money to their education empowerment fund, to a school in madagascar. they have already built a school {it gives me goosebumps to think about what an education *really* means in a developing country} with over 100+ girls attending. so, while the girls have a school, they dont have all the equipment they need : books, uniforms, shoes, meals, ect ect.
our money this month will help provide those supplies! 

if you are looking for even more inspiration, you can go here and read a few of the incredible success stories from the blessings basket project.

arent they awesome?
i have a few things in my shopping cart right now ; i love beautiful gifts with an awesome story!
connect with them on facebook // twitter
kindness carousel coming up tomorrow! see you then ;)

all photos from the blessings basket website


  1. I'm sure you've done tons of research and have lots of groups you are thinking about, but some day it might be fun for people to suggest the box, or find an organization to partner with that will then advertise it is their month to benefit and then extra boxes will be sold....a group that comes to mind is Girls on the Run Twin Cities. I don't actually have an affiliation with them. But it might be a fun engagement question "who would you like to see benefit" from the be nice boxes? **As always, just a thought :)

    1. thats a really great idea, katie. GOTR is great! in the customer survey i sent out a few weeks ago, i asked folks which charities // organizations they would like to see supported and got some really great feedback.
      i have also thought about picking 3-4 groups and having subscribers // the public vote on them.

  2. This is awesome! I wish I was stateside so I could order a box!