Tuesday, January 21, 2014

day 150 : do something for ME {and make this my brightest year yet!}

you guys!
thanks for all your texts, comments and emails yesterday about yesterdays post!
blake is safe & sound and it sounds like the driver is a-ok.
{the incident was even on the news}

todays good deed : 
spend money on MYSELF!
but, not like that. not a new outfit or a fake tan {weird, i have never tanned before, not sure why that is the example that came to me...} but on a class that will make me *better*

i have signed up for the 'project light year' class hosted by liv lane & a group of super-awesome contributors! {all these women together are what totally sealed the deal for me!}{you can read about them here}

what is it : its a 12-month class focused on creating the best life for you! its meant to give you a deeper meaning & help you find your purpose. there will be lessons & projects and a private group to make deep connections. {and more!}

i love this!
i recently turned 30 & really want this to be an incredible decade! blake and i have made a commitment to strengthen our relationship {it is true that life gets in the way if you dont make time for important things!} we have been working so hard with daphne to get over her fears // anxiety {and other issues that drive me bonkers}. i committed to a TRIATHLON! something i wasnt sure i would ever do. i am working two part-time jobs that i enjoy {even though working 18+ days in a row is a bit stressful for me..} and hello, i created a business! i started a business that i LOVE and am putting my heart and guts into.
a class like this is perfect timing ; i am excited.

its also put together & hosted by liv lane. do you know her? we met last year at a blogging event. her blog is awesome {and SO inspiring!} she also runs an etsy shop {and she is one of our artists for the february box!} annnnd last week, she interviewed me for an article she is writing for savvy magazine {more details on that soon!}

check out the class here!
both images are from liv.

tell us : something awesome you are doing for YOURSELF! 

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  1. Oh my gosh, thanks for sharing this! I am looking into signing up. :)