Wednesday, January 8, 2014

day 143 : DELIVERY! {send a care package} {and do you want to help me?}

happy wednesday!
right now, my mom is on her way up here for a few days! {hooray!} i am making 5 big-ish changes to the be nice box & she is going to help me! it will be so great to have her here. usually when shes here, its on a weekend, so we are always out & about. it will be nice to hang during the week! walk daphne, run a couple errands, go to the library, grab brunch {without an hour wait} and just catch up.

todays good deed : sending a care package!
a couple months back, my 90 year old great-uncle {my grandmas brother} fell & broke his hip. a couple weeks later, he fell again and re-injured himself. right now, he is staying at the nursing home to get care & physical therapy. everybody is hoping that he can return home, but for right now, where hes at is the best solution.

we went and visited him a couple weeks ago {hes about 3.5 hours away} and i think hes feeling pretty lonely. the nursing home is pretty full & its kind of a stressful place ; there isnt a lot of peace and quiet for him. 
we decided to put together a mini-care package to give him a few things to do & to cheer him up.

we sent* : a book of crossword puzzles, a postcard of minneapolis {he has lots of family up here, so he loves the city}, an electronic poker game {i have no idea if they still make these. my grandpa had one when i was a kid & i found this at a secondhand store for .25}, a handmade snowman ornament and a handful of chocolates. 
{*dog nose not included}

the majority of his family lives far away, so hes not getting a ton of visitors. i think that recovery and healing has a lot to do with your mental state & i want him to know that we are pulling for him {even though we are hours away}

also, if you want to send him a card, let me know & i will send you his address.
he would love it! hes 90 & doesnt have any clue to the power of the internet!

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