Tuesday, January 7, 2014

day 142 : the other side of kindness

hi everybody! 

{business, first}
are you a present or past be nice box subscriber?
i emailed out a survey yesterday ; if you didnt get it or havent filled it out, the link is here.
my goal is to gather feedback and see what we are doing that is working & changes we can make to keep moving forward.
{i have about 1/3 of the surveys back & was up super late last night brainstorming some new ideas. i have made some changes to the list, the format and *what* will be in the box}
{its a little stressful to receive feedback that is harsh or not very nice ; but i need to put my ego aside and create the best business possible..}

anyways, lets talk about good deeds! 
if you have  been following along, you will notice that i am SO behind on this project. one of my 2014 goals is to finish my good deeds sometime this year. i was making this blog a priority, and then it kind of slipped on the list ; but {just like the @benicebox instagram page}, we are COMING BACK! ;)

{i shared this story on IG & facebook a couple weeks ago, so maybe it will sound familiar}
a few weeks ago, i was out walking daphne and i see this vw bug go by with a sign on the side that says #nohumbug. i watched them drive past & then make a sharp u-turn. im watching and thinking 'gosh, they have a hashtag on the side of their car, the must be doing something that is related to kindness.' just then, they pull up next to us & get out of the car!

turns out, their names are jen & jill and they work for lululemon {who were hosting a #nohumbug fitness challenge throughout december}. they were spending the morning, driving around minneapolis, spreading kindness to strangers.

we started talking about kindness, what it means, this blog & the Be Nice Box! our 5 min {less?} interaction was so powerful! these two women randomly spotted me and made a conscious choice to make my day better. total strangers. i came home and was honestly, just so pumped. i posted pictures online, i texted blake ; i was just so over-the-moon because random people chose to brighten my day.

thats what this movement means, you guys. giving a total stranger {or friend // loved one} a moment of your time to lift them up. to listen to them. to do something that they will think about for the rest of the day.
the idea of good deeds and spreading kindness are so powerful!

and, as the girls were driving away, they handed me a brand new lulu hoodie & a little note. {i am actually wearing the hoodie right now}

tell us : 
have you been 'on the other side of kindness?' has a good deed happened to you lately?


  1. This is soooo cool. Further confirmation that what goes around, comes around! Are you on the MN Blogger FB page? I sorta lost touch of your blog, but would love to share this with our fellow Minnesotans.