Friday, January 24, 2014

day 152 : kindness carousel {week 9}

happy friday, everybody!
blake took today off of work {he has to go in all day tomorrow} ; so i have worked really, really hard all week so we could spend the afternoon together! {its been hard with me working 7 days a week for the past month...} we are going to head to the science museum and the history center {and get donuts!}

i dont have a super long list of links today, but the ones i have, will make you feel good!
{kindness carousel is a weekly round-up of 'all things kind and inspiring' on the internet}

1) have you seen this video yet? derrick coleman, who plays for the seattle seahawks is hearing impaired. duracell made this really beautiful commercial of his journey to the superbowl. {if the video player doesnt work, you can watch it here}

2) and then, after you finish watching the video, read this series of tweets he sent back & forth to a little girl {also hearing impaired}, who wrote him a fan letter.

3) have you heard of the 'you are so loved' project? you fill out this google document and someone will send you {or the person of your choosing} a hand-crocheted heart. what a fun reminder to keep in your pocket, on your nightstand or in your bag that YOU are important!

4) the state of utah made headlines this week in this amazing article {they are ending homelessness ; something a state has NEVER done before}. ive read this article a few times and it gives me goosebumps and makes me so hopeful for the {slow, but steady} shift in our country.

5) katy is still keeping up with her 'photoworthy 365' blog & posted about popcorn day {in last months Be Nice Box, everybody got popcorn kernels and instructions to make stovetop popcorn}

6) because kindness is SO much more than smiling at your neighbor : here is a list of 13 food brands that are owned by mega-corporations. {why is this important? because certain {most} mega-corps dont have your, the planets or animals best interests in mind!}

7) speaking of taking care of the planet : beez kneez {a local honey biz, who delivers all their honey by bike!} just launched a new campaign to ask people to STOP using pesticides that kill pollinators {bees!} i love honey & bees ; we are NOT doing them {or ourselves} any favors by using chemicals. regardless of where you live, you can go here to sign the petition!

8) want to be more involved in giving back? {of course you do!} you can head to this site and find easy ways to get your family involved!

9) and for the local folks : {i am just so stinkin' excited for this!} it was announced this week that the new light rail that will connect downtown minneapolis to downtown st paul will start running at the end of june! {hooray time a million!}{read the article here}

anything awesome you want to share?
enjoy today!


  1. The utah article was interesting, I'm curious if they have the funding to support if more people start coming to their state. Also, I wonder if the religious strength of utah has anything to do with it? I've never been to utah, but I hear getting alcohol there can be an "issue" which may actually help the health of their state? Just thinking/typing out loud!

    1. thats a really good point, katie. i would be interested to see if there is research to back it up. along with that, i also think that when a large institution {a state government} puts up the money and resources to literally change lives // the landscape // the community, it automatically creates change.
      i am *assuming* {i would like to see some research} that when people are lifted out of homelessness, given resources and services and have that feeling of 'mattering in their community', few people will fall back into that cycle.
      its similar to the show // concept of 'pitbulls and parolees.'
      also, the movie Lost Angels is really powerful, too!