Monday, January 20, 2014

day 149 : stay calm and save a life {yeah, it is that dramatic}

happy monday! 
i was going to post about MLK & a few other inspiring things ; but they are pushed back so i can share this text // event with you.

blake works in downtown st paul & we live in south minneapolis. its about 18 miles one way, so he takes the bus in the winter {he will bike part-way when it warms up}. we always talk about how the city bus makes us feel safe. its reliable, affordable & the drivers are great. i really do love our transit system.

he left this morning & i got started on my to-do list. i put my phone in another room & focused on today. and then i get this text message.

i called him & his phone went to voicemail.
he called back a few minutes later and explained everything to me.

the bus was on a major interstate {during morning rush hour} and the driver must have had a diabetic seizure. they hit a guardrail and then veered into the other lane. a passenger {in the back} yelled {to the front} to see if the driver was conscious. he was not. four people ran to the front of the bus {one was a nurse, who recognized the symptoms and gave the driver something to eat // drink} and worked to stop the bus and pull it to the side of the road.
right away, blake called 911 & walked the dispatcher and state trooper through everything.

nobody was injured. 
you guys, nobody got hurt! can you believe it?! they could have hit a car, or been hit by a semi, or totally gone off the road! 
i am so incredibly thankful {not just because blake was on the bus} that random strangers acted SO fast & made a difference.

sadly, i think that because of all the horrible things that have happened {boston bombings, school shootings, ect}, humans are more aware of when situations 'dont feel right.' 

i know that i was not directly involved in this event today, but i am totally counting it as a good deed.
{i can do that because its my blog ;)}
{also, i am so proud {and not surprised} that blake was one of the people that stood up and rushed to help}

this is such a great reminder to be the one. if something doesnt look // feel // sound right ; be the one that stands up to help! always.


  1. Agh this is so scary! I'm so glad everyone was alright.

    1. im glad too! it sounded like it was a super-scary and over in a minute!

  2. I was headed in the opposite direction this AM and saw a bus pulled over on the highway, thinking it probably just had some mechanical trouble. Thank goodness there was less traffic today because of MLK day. I'm glad nobody got hurt and I hope the driver is doing well!

    1. wow, i bet that was the bus you saw! i think it was the 94express bus on i94 around 8am-ish. they are super lucky that traffic was lighter because of the holiday!

  3. Scary!! So glad everyone is okay! High fives to Blake and everyone else who jumped in to help!

    1. sounded super scary ; i was awesome that so many people recognized that something wasnt right! i appreciate the 'do-ers!'

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    1. hi jamie! i miss talking to you! we should connect ;)