Tuesday, January 14, 2014

day 145 : {dear anonymous}

okay, you guys!
lets talk a bit about talking trash on the internet.
it seems like on any news forum, celebrity website or political article, you will find them.
the anonymous {and mean} online commenters.
the people that say mean, disrespectful and hurtful things over the internet.

listen, this blog is about kindness. my business is about kindness.
i try hard each day to make this planet a teeny bit better than it was the day before.
i surround myself {both in real life & online} with humans who are good. they are positive. they lift up {dont tear down} and give a shit {not sorry for cursing today} about people, places and things {noun lesson from 4th grade?}

anyways, last week i sent out a survey for people that were // are involved in the be nice box. i care about my business and want it to be something that others dig, as well. i know that not everyone will come back for a second month. i know that not everyone will love what i am doing. i am aware that my definition of 'cool, handmade items' will be different than someone elses. i knew going into this that there might come a time when someone {or people!} said things that were going to hurt my feelings.

i knew that when i sent an anonymous survey to folks asking for honest feedback, i was setting myself up to hear things i maybe didnt want to hear. and thats fine. i want to run a movement surrounding change & kindness. and finding ways to lift up complete strangers. and for us to reach our maximum potential, i knew i had to ask others for feedback.

you guys! i got a survey back that was not nice. i mean, it was mean. it took a shot at my business {fine} and took a few shots at me {not fine}. it actually made me cry. and listen, i can take feedback. i want feedback. i have been in this business for 3 months ; there are going to be bumps. there are going to be good deeds in the boxes that are 'more miss than hit.' i am still learning. i am always striving to be better. and because of the surveys, i have made some changes that will start this month.

BUT, my point : it is never acceptable to be mean to people. EVER! it is not okay. i hate that as a society, we now think it is okay to attack people, politics, religions & humans {ect ect ect} because we are hiding behind a screen.

{and? next time you are considering leaving a mean // nasty // hurtful comment, be aware that while your name doesnt show up on the internet, your IP address does. AND IP addresses can {and are!} be tracked!}

the moral of this story : be nice! all the time. and if you cant be nice, be silent.
{note : if you have feedback that can help someone // a politician // business owner be better, than goodness, please share {with your name!}. but, if its something that is too mean to share WITH your name attached, you can be sure that its too mean to share at all!}

thanks for reading, you guys!
see you tomorrow ;)

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  1. BOO! When suggesting a survey I never meant for you to be hurt. Its always tough getting feedback. My family's business (gas stations) can get a the weirdest feedback. Things that are absolutely not in our control. Sometimes you just smile and say "thank you, I'll look into it" and then go rant and rave to someone safe about how ridiculous the feedback is. You are a kind person, keep up the god work!