Saturday, December 7, 2013

day 136 : carry a coffee in a snowstorm

this one was fun & only took a second. AND it was totally unplanned.
{i dont really 'pre-plan' my good deeds, but i do usually have a few deeds for the week that i want to complete in the back of my mind. i find that having a 'kinda plan' based on my schedule, where i will be & my budget for the week, helps me stay on top of my good deeds.}

a few days ago, blake & i were waiting for the bus to go to the radiation clinic for my tests. it had snowed a few inches overnight & the roads were pretty gross. the bus stop is a block away & in front of a coffee shop. 

while we were waiting, a woman with crutches came out, with a coffee in her hand. the sidewalks were slick & her hands were full.
i asked to walk her coffee to her car ; to make sure she was safe. 
as i looked back to see if the bus was coming, blake took this photo..
the lady was grateful, it was a 15 foot walk and literally took less than 30 seconds.

my challenge for you is to do something similar! i know that not everybody has cold weather and icy sidewalks ; but do you see someone that needs help grabbing something off a high shelf? a grandma that needs help carrying her grocery bags to the car? did someone drop something without noticing?
all of these things show kindness & compassion. they take a second & cant be planned out ; but that moment will make a difference! 

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  1. That was so sweet of you! I swear its the little random acts of kindness that just makes someones day. This is perfect for the holiday season.