Friday, November 15, 2013

day 125 : kindness carousel {week 3}

happy friday!
this morning, i had an appointment with my insurance guy. after talking about my lack of retirement funds {and my nearing 30th birthday} ; we came up with a plan for me to move around some money & make some investments! i turn 30 in *exactly* a month ; and one of my goals is to really focus on saving for my future. i have a couple savings accounts & other than my car, i am totally debt free ; but most of my time has been spent paying off debt, instead of saving for the future. SO, i have a plan. and a goal!
do you have a retirement fund? do you play the stock market? i would love your tips & insights!

lets talk about good vibes on the internet this week :
kindness carousel is a weekly round-up taking some of the best, most heartwarming stories from around the internet!
week 1 // week 2  

1) animal lover? this artist took photos of elderly animals to capture their dignity & beauty. seriously, SO beautiful!

2) i am SUCH a huge advocate for biking ; i think biking makes us all better! bringing bikes to more remote places in the world makes all the difference. watch this video!

3) aundra has her own kindness project ; a year of chestertown nice. last week, she hosted a free zumba class!

4) world kindness day was on wednesday ; but heathers list of things to do can be referenced all year round!

5) kelly {who runs 'orlando nice' ; another kindness blog!} honored veterans in her community this week by sending thank you notes! {this would be such a great 'good deed' to practice with young kids, especially for the holiday season!}

6) BAWLING! 6 super-heartwarming videos of dogs welcoming their soldier-humans home! 

7) rachel has committed to donating ALL proceeds in her shop to the philippines! the photos of the devastation is heart-breaking! any way you can help offer relief would be welcome!

8) do you live in the twin cities? are you free december 5 from 6-7pm? i plan on being here ; come join me! i cant imagine how emotional this will be!

BONUS : i am still in 3rd place for the KIND Projects award. if you havent voted yet, please do! if you HAVE voted, please share with a few friends!

DOUBLE BONUS : there are less than 15 december Be Nice Boxes left! if you would like a box, please go here! boxes will ship on the 26th! we have been receiving a lot of orders for holiday gifts! the box makes a great gift for the person who has everything OR the person that would rather give than receive.

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