Thursday, November 14, 2013

day 123 : veterans day, world kindness day & the good deeds that could have been..

hey everybody!
look for another post to read after you finish this one {two posts today!}
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good deeds {or lack thereof!}
monday was veterans day and yesterday was world kindness day.
{i would love to hear your good deeds in the comments!}
on monday, i decided to purchase a few bouquets of tulips and bring them to the veterans hospital here in town. i wanted to send thank you cards, but didnt get them written in time. i called the VA first to make sure it was okay to bring by the flowers. 
the woman i spoke to said that in place of coming on veterans day, they would rather have me volunteer long-term. 
{just a note : i dont have an issue with that. i am not complaining about the VA or their policies!}

attempt #2 :
i recently started training for a new part-time job. i cant talk about it online & so far, i dont know if it is a good fit for me ; BUT, i had an all-day training yesterday.
before work, i drove to whole foods & picked up a whole, vegan apple pie. 
after work, i drove to our neighborhood fire station & decided to drop it off. i really appreciate them & all the work they do. also, with the holidays coming up, it always seems like there are scary house & christmas tree fires. its a dangerous job. i checked their hours to make sure they would be there.
i get there, their hours said they were open, but the lights were off and the door was locked! 

so, i took back my apple pie & its sitting in my fridge. i dont have a specific plan yet, but i will get there.

my point? 
sometimes we have really good intentions and they dont always work out.
one time, a woman let her dog poop in our yard, so i offered her a poop bag. instead, she cursed at me and walked away {without taking the poop or the bag..}
another time, i asked a man to stop texting and driving & he gave me the finger and sped off..

i think that days like world kindness day are awesome. they remind us to take a moment to reach out & share goodness. but, dont wait for specific days! dont wait for thanksgiving to say you are thankful for something. dont wait for a partners birthday to tell them you love them! dont wait for teacher appreciate day to tell your kids' teachers you appreciate them!
put 'be kind' on your to-do list & keep it there. reference it every day and make an effort {no matter how busy or broke you are} to be nice! every single day! 

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