Friday, November 1, 2013

day 118 : the kindness carousel {week 1}

happy friday, everybody!
todays good deed? 
i am going to share a few heartwarming // super rad stories with you.
on my other blog {which i havent been on in weeks...}, i do a weekly round-up of cool things {recipes, products, stories, ect}
i decided to bring it over here & call it the 'kindness carousel.'
the goal : each week, i will share awesome 'nice-ness' from real people from around the country.
sound good?
here we go!

1) have you seen this video? {i think ive watched it 6 times!} he is driving through rush hour traffic in LA & blasting 'build me up buttercup' ; encouraging folks to sing along. the guy in the truck gets me every time!

2) this guy in california runs a bakery & gives recovering addicts and ex-convicts a second chance! right now, he has 80 employees ; think of all the families he has helped! i also love when folks break down stereotypes like this!!

3) this is an older story ; but this disney security guard asks a little princess for her autograph!

4) this little boy {jack} is a huge nebraska huskers fan. he was diagnosed with brain cancer & the team let him come to a training game. they also let him take the field {bawling!}
{update : a couple weeks ago on the news, they said that jack is now cancer free!}

5) and have you seen this? a photographer put random people together & took their pictures. the photos are beautiful!

6) and did you see that twitter & starbucks teamed up? you can now send someone a $5 starbucks e-gift card through twitter. its a fun little 'thinking of you' gift!

any other awesome links to share?
put them in the comments so we can all enjoy them!

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