Wednesday, November 20, 2013

day 127 : celebrate my grandmas 85th birthday

i have the day off today & to-do list is almost 2 pages long! i plan on putting horse blinders on & just knocking things out one-by-one!

today is my grandmas birthday! she is 85!!!
shes super creative ; i am assuming all of us in the family that have the 'creative, artist-y vibes' come from her!
she draws, paints and wood carves ; she is so crazy-talented!
a few weeks ago, she hand-drew 20 greeting cards for me to include in some of the future Be Nice Boxes. her work is awesome! she also walks 3 miles a day, every day! 
no doubt that keeping your body & mind sharp is the key to aging well.

anyways, since i cant be in iowa to celebrate with her, i sent her this card & will be calling her this afternoon.
she {my moms mom} & my grandpa {my dads dad} are my only two grandparents left ; and they both mean so much to me! 

a super-easy good deed for YOU today : call or write a parent // grandparent!
see you tomorrow ;)


  1. Adorable! You have her smile. :) Happy Birthday, Diana's Grandma.

  2. Aw so sweet! My name is Kate and I just wanted to say how wonderful your acts of kindness are. Your generosity and compassion sparked me to purchase your Be Nice Box! I'm so excited for it to arrive and get started on some random acts of kindness. Hope you have a great day!

  3. Happy birthday to your sweet grandma! I'm pretty sure you're giving her the best care. I'm glad to know that she's still strong despite her age, and really amazed that she can still walk for 3 miles a day! Well, I guess I really have to start keeping my body active to age gracefully like her. Take care of your grandma! :)

    Douglas Cromwell @

  4. Nice! And you've encapsulated all this in online memory. These birthdays are really good markers for everyone, not just the celebrant. It informs you of where you are at this point, and the years you can potentially attain. She should get the proper care, definitely.

    Johanna @ Always Best Care