Tuesday, November 12, 2013

day 122 : ask for a favor! {also known as : please help!}

hey everybody!
can i ask for some help?
KIND Snacks is hosting a project grant contest and the Be Nice Box is in the running!
currently, there are 77 organizations & we are in 3rd place!
voting started on sunday and ends at the end of the month.
the prize?
a $10,000 project award!

we could make SUCH a difference with that much money!
we will hire two part-time staff! we will be able to work with larger retail stores and sell our boxes to more folks. we will be able to make different 'limited edition' boxes {i have a few awesome ideas!}. that money would allow us to expand and create lines for kids, teachers and families! and most importantly, more money equals a larger audience. more boxes sold means that our $1 from each box will go a lot further! i have also been working on sponsorships from larger companies that would enable us to double {even triple} the monthly donations we make!

i am telling you ; this is a huge deal!
voting is pretty simple and doesnt take much time!
head over here. you are only able to vote once, BUT you get three 'bonus' entries when you share on facebook, twitter and email!
when you vote, please share & bring your total to 4.
every single vote counts!

thanks so much, everybody!
it takes a village to make the world brighter!

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